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Direct Agent Recruits

When you recruit an individual or agent to City2Shore Real Estate and they join our team, you'll receive a REAP commission payout for every successful closing they have.

Indirect Agent Recruits (Levels 2-4)

But the benefits don't stop there. You'll also earn commissions for additional agents who join our team, under the agents your recruited. This commission is paid after each closing, up to four levels deep.

How Does REAP Work?

REAP operates on a multi-level commission structure, allowing participants to earn compensation not only for their direct agent recruits but also for the other productive recruits brought in by their recruits, up to four levels deep. Our REAP system compensates you when an agent you recruit or an agent from their recruitment closes on a sale. Here's how it works:

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REAP the Rewards of Recruiting

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City2Shore REAP Program 

At City2Shore, we believe in fostering a community of success and growth. That's why we designed our REAP (Real Estate Advantage Plan) program – a revolutionary revenue-sharing program designed to reward individuals and agents who are passionate about recruiting top talent to our team.

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What is REAP?

REAP is a unique opportunity for individuals and agents to earn passive income and financial rewards by bringing productive new and experienced real estate agents to City2Shore. It's our way of recognizing and appreciating the commitment of those who help expand our team and contribute to our collective success.

City2Shore understands the challenges real estate agents face when it comes to processing all the paperwork and needs of every transaction. That's why we created Real Support, a specialized support service designed to streamline the transaction process and alleviate the burden on agents, allowing you to focus on what you do best: serving your clients and closing deals.

Financial Rewards

Earn generous commissions and passive income for every new agent you bring to City2Shore Real Estate that closes a sale. Continue earning even more rewards as your network grows.

Community Support

Join a thriving community of like-minded individuals who are passionate about real estate and dedicated to each other's success. When you help recruit another agent into the City2Shore family, you are focused on their success and support them in their journey.

Endless Income Opportunities

Whether you're a seasoned agent or someone looking to start a career in real estate, you can create additional opportunities and endless income through the REAP program.


Our REAP Legacy program allows agents to continue and receive passive income, even if they decide to leave real estate.

Long-Term Benefits

Join a team who is dedicated to helping each other succeed and build a sustainable source of passive income as you continue to expand your network and support the growth of our team.

Start Your Journey Today! 

Get Started Today

Ready to start earning with REAP? Join City2Shore and become part of a dynamic team that rewards your efforts and supports your success. Contact us today to start your journey and learn how you can participate in earning endless passive income through the REAP (Real Estate Advantage Plan).

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